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Yesterday a senior four-term Member of Parliament, went "rogue" or "kamikaze" as colleagues have described it. That's a big turn-around from being until recently the party's Senior Whip (and hence responsible for keeping other MPs in line).

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While the dust has not yet settled it seems likely the damage will not be restricted to just his career.
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Somehow, his party failed to keep one of their members engaged. It hasn't just happened here- look at politics in other countries, it's common enough. Could it happen to you? Could one of your staff "go rogue"?

Engagement is high on business leaders' priorities, and key to driving engagement is giving colleagues evidence that they have a voice that is listened to.

We have all seen token deference to this idea. Suggestion boxes, 360° reviews, management by walking about, engagement surveys (with- guess- prizes for the most engaged teams, not to mention their managers).

Anyone can tell all these tokens to engagement apart from the real thing.

To be engaged, people must be convinced that their opinions are heard and that the knowledge they have is factored in to important decisions. We are all realistic enough to know that not every opinion can be acted on, but we want to see that our knowledge and opinion is really considered, not just given lip service.

How can we do that? A systematic process to gather information before important decisions. Show your team that you value the knowledge and experience each one of them brings to the table, by showing them how it is really, actually factored in to decision-making.

If that could help your organisation, AcuteIP.com can show you how to do it yourself. AcuteIP.com offers services to make it easy, from workshops and technical services to managing the whole exercise.
Contact Graham.Harris at AcuteIP.com to explore possibilities.

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