Avoid Licensing Issues

Could you face a licence audit? Here's what to do right away.

graham Thursday February 20, 2020

If you think a supplier may want to audit your licenses, do this now!

1. Don't involve anyone in your business not already involved- except your legal and licence audit advisers.
2. Verbally, ask your relevant colleagues to discreetly pause contact with the supplier and with any reseller or service provider associated with them. Keep those suppliers' staff away from your sites for now.
3. Write nothing down about your concerns and ask colleagues to do the same. No documents, emails, instant messages or TXTs
4. Make no increased or non-essential use of the material of concern.
5. Finally, get help from your boss, legal team and perhaps, an outside specialist under confidential terms.

If you have been served notice of an audit, do not respond to it without the advice of your legal team and an outside licence audit specialist.