You can have AcuteIP's tools and methods at work on your situation.

AcuteIP's core purpose is to let you measure things you previously thought unknowable, intangible or not measurable. We bring a toolkit of techniques to help you work out what is worth measuring, in the context of the decisions you are making, and how to measure just the ones that matter.

We can help you to validate individual projects, or prioritise across an entire portfolio. Our tools give you a level playing field to compare all sorts of investment: maintenance vs. business growth vs. risk mitigation.

We can unlock the wisdom of your existing crowd- wisdom that remains hidden through structural and cultural issues, that we can coach you to resolve.

Our tools cover both the Qualitative and Quantitative; we uncover latent information, and represent it with a coherent range of numbers so that you can factor it in to decision making with confidence.

To help you measure your important (but difficult) factors we bring

Online tools to capture and summarize the wisdom of your crowd;

Implementation Services to bring your team up to speed;

Full Assessments of Projects and Portfolios for when time is at a premium.

Fixed fees where the scope can be defined well in advance,

scoping services to help you reach that point.

Contact AcuteIP to discuss costs and availability.