We send email only to

  • people with whom we have a prior relationship, or who have shared their email address with us, or
  • organisation representatives whose organisational email address is published conspicuously.

We aim to comply with national legislation and the EU GDPR.

We respect your consent and privacy by sending email rarely.

Most of the email addresses we use come from one of these sources:

  • an Email message we (or our director) have received from you
  • a Meetup we (or our director) have organised
  • LinkedIn, where you have agreed to be a Connection to us or our director

In each of those cases, we believe we have your authorisation to hold your email address and your consent to send you email.

If you wish to withdraw your consent for us to send you email, please send an email

  • from the email address you don't want used
  • to "GDPR@AcuteIP.com"

and on receiving confirmation we will remove that email address from our opt-in list.

AcuteIP.com does not offer goods or services to individuals in the EU.